Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Pressing Pause

The only broken chain action I'm getting these days is from my stash of Chi-Chis branded bottled cocktails. 

You might have noticed I've taken a bit of a sabbatical from posting. As you might imagine, it's tough for me to travel and visit restaurants to write about these days. On top of that, my motivation to write has been very low as of late. Unforeseen complications tend to have that effect on me. Rest assured, I've only hit the pause button. Regular Broken Chains posts will be back once we're on the other side of this thing.

In the meantime, there's a sold two years worth of posts here. Maybe go back and re read some of the old ones? The earliest articles aren't great, but they get pretty readable sometime around the summer of 2018. I really need to revisit my favorite G.D. Ritzy's and write a new post about them. Maybe that's what I'll work on once I have the go ahead to travel unnecessarily to Evansville and I'm sure they'll let me dine inside once I'm there.

For now, enjoy the old posts, and support your local restaurants, especially the broken chains, if you can do so safely. 


  1. Thanks for the update. Completely understandable. Stay safe and work up an appetite.

    Just curious, what happened to the Hot 'n Now limericks? That was fun.

    1. I've had an issue lately where pictures disappear from my posts. That's what happened to the Hot 'n Now limerick post. It's an easy fix, I just need to reupload the pictures. I'll put the post back up as soon as I do. It looks like I need to fix a couple pictures on the Ground Round/Bennigan's post as well.

  2. Can't wait until you're back on the road sharing your travels with us. My wife is a big fan now as well since out of the blue one day she mentioned how much her mom loved Rax and how often they went to the local (western PA) Rax in the 80's! Of course, I had to show her your blog and it brought back some great memories for her. Thanks!

  3. Had Rax for dinner tonight. They're staying pretty busy. 5 cars ahead of me at the drive-thru. Every time I go I try one new item and I haven't been disappointed yet.

  4. Hang in there, buddy. New Broken Chains posts are just one more thing we'll have to look forward to when it's all over.

  5. Love your blog, and these posts really turn up the nostalgia! Hope to see you posting more soon :)